My ideal client is someone that has come to a point in their life where they have decided they want something more for themselves. I have worked with people on all kinds of life goals...anything from simply getting out of a rut, letting go of stress and anxiety, developing positive habits, or finding a stronger sense of spirituality. I have also worked with individuals looking to find a new job or career, as well as those wanting to hone and unleash skills and passions that they’ve longed to explore but haven’t had the right kind of support to feel confident enough to do, and others wishing to establish themselves as an entrepreneur to start their own business. I’ve worked with people wanting to build better relationships in their lives, and those wishing to completely transform themselves altogether. There is nothing I love more than to see people reach those potentials that they knew they could, but for whatever reasons have been stuck and unable to do so

Not sure if coaching is for you? Then, let's get acquainted. Contact me below...we'll set up a time to speak over the phone, free and no obligation. We can discuss where you are presently and what you are looking to accomplish in your life. You'll come away from that conversation with a second opinion, a fresh perspective, and a possible concrete game plan toward achieving what you want. Fair enough?



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      It all Starts with Yourself!

Giselle Buonomo

Self-Development Coach & Confidant

*Dedicated in Loving Memory to Annette M. Arena*

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