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I am a lifelong resident of Rochester, NY where I currently live and continue to evolve myself and this coaching endeavor. I previously worked as an employee in an office environment for over 15 years; however, my natural ability stemmed from making strong connections and friends with people. Throughout my life, I have been someone that is intensely passionate about being true to one's self and helping to bring out the best in individuals through support, honesty, encouragement, loyalty, and compassion. I made some radical and major life changes shortly after my mother died from breast cancer at just 50 years of age.

My mother was my best friend, my mentor, and an overall amazing woman. Watching my mom succumb and slip away was the most painful experience I had ever gone through. Never-the-less, I was fortunate enough to have a mother who lifted herself out of many difficulties and was such a loving and inspirational force in my life.  Because of her, I am who I am, and I have the inner knowing and drive to pave my own way for myself. Shortly after my mother passed on, I gave up in a sense and allowed others to steer me into what was best for my life. The path I began to follow was more about living according to the standards of society and pleasing others instead of living from my truth. I realized; however, that it was pushing me further away from what was in my heart and I felt a deep longing to do something to honor my mother and to let her know that her work in raising me was worth all the love, effort, and sacrifices that she made.

After a few years of being stuck in other's ideals, I was so lonely and depressed that I decided to start my life over and begin with a clean slate. I knew I had a lot of soul searching to do, so I quit my job and let go of my entire lifestyle including all material possessions, family, and friends. It took me down an extremely shocking, dark, and hazardous path. I found myself in a controlling and abusive relationship where I was introduced to a lifestyle of poverty and desperation. I even at my lowest point found myself homeless!

Regardless of all this, I grew from within and began seriously working on my endeavor to honor my mother and give back to others. My first step on this journey was taking an interest in learning about Tarot Cards. Those have been my personal go-to spiritual tool now for almost 20 years. I realized; however, that many do not know or understand the practical benefit behind these cards, nor do they have any real interest in them. This is why I broadened my pursuits and began involving myself in the life coaching field. When I first heard of life coaching and found out what it was all about, I realized that I was actually a natural-born life coach myself, so I knew it was inevitable that I should be one professionally. The internet became my educational tool to learn as much as I could. Through many years of constant, never-ending research, I became much more educated on the mind and the human spirit, as well as the deeper meanings and patterns of life.

I was never big on getting a college degree because of my strong free-spirited and independent personality as well as all of the life experience I had gained on my own; however, I was still always an exceptional student in high school, so I decided to take a few college courses in psychology and business, to aid me in my own self-teachings. Meanwhile, I read books from some of the old-time motivators and gurus, such as, James Allen (author of, As a Man Thinketh), Og Mandino (author of, The Greatest Salesman in the World), and Osho Zen (creator of, Tarot Zen), among various others. I have become familiar with many other inspirational people both famous and modest. A few of my personal favorites are Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, and of course, my own Mom, Annette Arena. There was a point where I was completely alone for about a year and in that long time of solitude, I watched movies on a daily basis. They gave me a glimpse into the many realities of people and taught me the deeper meaning of life. I have actually created my own list of my ultimate favorite 101 movies of all time. I am also an avid music lover and I have mediated to music as far back as I can remember. Music has always offered me a chance to open myself up and constantly reflect and dream on my life and the greater spiritual realms.When I was very young, for many years I was in and out of hospitals with health issues that became serious and life-threatening. I believe this is another reason I have always been such a deep thinker and why I am always interested in knowing the greater meaning of life. Basically, all that I have learned has come from everything and everyone I have involved myself with. As much as my life has had its restrictions, my mind and heart have always been WIDE OPEN! My focus and determination have strengthened, and I've been reaching higher potentials in my own life ever since.

This life coaching endeavor has offered me the ability to become a creative entrepreneur. I have written and published a self-help workbook and created an 8-week course to go with it. I have also designed other self-development classes too. You can check out my book and programs here on my website, along with the different one-on-one coaching packages that I offer. It has taken me many years to build this business because it has evolved through my gradual understanding of myself, other people, and life in general. I wrote the book, A Complete Guide to Me, Myself, and I, and created the corresponding course with those in mind who may struggle with their own ability to be authentic but still want to break out and build their lives according to their own designs. All of my programs are devised to offer individuals information, tools, and support that they need to be able to lead themselves forward. My coaching work lends a more supportive and solid foundation for others to work from toward their own pursuits, both personally and professionally. From this self-empowering perspective, anyone can then create a fulfilling life that expresses their true essence and most importantly know that...It all Starts with the Yourself!

Wishing you all the best...

Yours truly,

Giselle Buonomo

Self-Development Coach & Confidant


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      It all Starts with Yourself!

Giselle Buonomo

Self-Development Coach & Confidant

*Dedicated in Loving Memory to Annette M. Arena*

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