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I am a life-long resident of Rochester, NY and I started creating my life coaching business from a sincere desire to want to help people empower themselves. My own life and background story are what finally led me to work so hard in becoming an entrepreneur and building this coaching enterprise. To fully explain who I am and why I chose to become a life coach, I need to go back to the early part of my life and the relationship with my mother.

When I was just a young child, I developed pneumonia and while having x-rays, doctors found cysts on my lungs. I was admitted to the hospital and eventually underwent surgery. Throughout this process, I had other health conditions that came about that eventually gave way to a liver disease. Fortunately for me, after many years in and out of hospital care, I was able to heal and fully regain my health. I believe that because of my own medical issues early on and the fact that my mother was a young single mother working hard to raise my older brother and me all by herself, I have always felt this need to simply be my own independent individual.

Fast forward several years and my mother remarried and for the most part, I had a decent suburban education and upbringing. I never got a full college degree; however, I did eventually find my way into administrative employment. I worked in the 9 to 5 world for fifteen years, and even though I was a hardworking employee and made many friends through my empathetic and outgoing personality, this line of work just did not fulfill me. I never had the desire to follow the traditional path to marry and have children and working in a corporate-style capacity never offered me a chance to truly be myself. I did not fully realize all of this on a conscious level and

like many others, I was simply going through the motions in my life, until the day my mother found out that she had a rare form of breast cancer. This was a huge wake-up call! My mother was only 48 years old and I was just 30, at the time. We were so close, and she was everything to me! My mother was my mentor, my best friend, and my inspiration! At that time, my mother had left her unfulfilling marriage, had purchased her own house for the first time in her life, and was pursuing her own dreams of becoming an actress by working in community theater, while continuing her full-time employment. My mother’s upbringing and family were extremely dysfunctional and yet, my mother was an incredibly intelligent, resourceful, hardworking, level-headed, strong, independent, down-to-earth, sincere, honest, loving, and passionate woman her whole life, even though she never gave herself the full credit for any of it! It was so heart wrenching to see my mother go through what she did with this disease. As difficult as it all was, I gave my mother my full love and support through her cancer battle but unfortunately, after about a year and a half, my mother lost that battle. Even though, within myself I thought I was handling it all, I went into a deep depression and ended up quitting my job, losing everything (including all my friends and family), and finding myself in a very isolated, controlling, and abusive relationship for eight long years. I thought my life was over and I suffered tremendously from the physical, mental, and emotional abuse, the betrayals and shocking lack of support from my family, the unforeseen gradual pull toward complete loneliness, and the overall despair and humiliation of failing myself. I was so low that at one point, I was even homeless with this man.

The bottom line is that in growing from within, working through forgiveness, and becoming my own best friend, I got out of that relationship, lifted myself back up, and recreated my life for the better. Long story short...from keeping my mother and her love lessons in my heart and embarking on an in-depth retrospect of myself, I discovered the incentive and drive to create this coaching business from my own personal passion and in honor of my mother. One of many memorable moments I had with my mother was just before her passing when she had said to me, “Giselle you have always been my biggest fan.” Yes, that was me for her, and that is me for everyone, because that has always been me! My personality, my life experiences, along with my mother’s unconditional love and support throughout my upbringing, have given me the knowledge, the strength, the passion, and the desire to want to assist others in their own journeys in life. I was born to be a life coach and have always been one, even though, I did not know what a life coach was until after my mom died and I found myself finally finding the courage to follow my heart. My biggest obstacles throughout this journey have been my naivete, my depression, my limiting beliefs, my bad habits, my mistakes, my disconnect with my own individuality and spiritual nature, and my overall lack of confidence in myself and I know that for many, these are also their biggest saboteurs as well. I now know that what I have set out to do, what I have been through and learned, and what I have created and continue to build is worthwhile, not only for me and my own self-development, but also for others who may be struggling, yet willing to find themselves and go after their own aspirations. This is who I am, what I am about, and what I have always inherently done and want to continue to do. Empower others to find their own individuality and build lives that fulfill them. It has been over twenty years now since my mother has passed away and even though I am no longer a young woman, I am still to this day, young in my heart, and my mother’s daughter, as well as my own woman now.

This life coaching endeavor has offered me the ability to become a creative entrepreneur. Everything I have done this far with my coaching business, I have done all by myself. I have poured my heart and soul into this enterprise and I actually started this self-employment venture by becoming a professional cleaner/organizer, while continuing to work on my coaching passion. It has taken me many years to build this business because it has evolved through my gradual understanding of myself, other people, and life in general. I wrote the book, ‘A Complete Guide to Me, Myself, and I’ and created the corresponding course with those in mind who may struggle with their own ability to be authentic but still want to break out and build their lives according to their own designs.

For those that are ready to find themselves and recreate their lives, I want you to know that all of my programs are devised to offer you information, tools, and support that you need to be able to lead yourself forward. My coaching work lends a more supportive and solid foundation for you to work from toward your own pursuits, both personally and professionally. From this self-empowering perspective, you can then create a fulfilling life that expresses your true essence and most importantly know that you can, Take Charge of Your Life…It all Starts with Yourself!


Wishing you all the best...

Yours Truly,

​Giselle Buonomo

Self-Development Coach & Confidant


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Take Charge of Your Life...

      It all Starts with Yourself!

Giselle Buonomo

Self-Development Coach & Confidant

*Dedicated in Loving Memory to Annette M. Arena*

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