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Do you find that you are constantly looking towards others, instead of your own self for the answers to your problems? Are you tired of having those around you tell you what to do and then you are left to feel like you need to be a certain way to please everyone and fit in? Are you lonely and depressed inside and have much anxiety and tension about life in general? Do you try to strive for those goals you truly want to achieve, only to struggle with lack of clarity and motivation? Do you want to make positive changes but have no idea where to even begin? Do you wish you could completely transform yourself and your life for the better?

I know how hard it can be to change and usually we do not do it unless there is great disappointment or pain involved. Self-Empowerment Coaching is all about taking back your life by taking charge of yourself! Whatever you wish to achieve, finding your true sense of self is the first step toward making constructive things happen. Whether you fully realize it or not, you are the actual creator of your life. What you think, feel, and believe are the tools you use to do this. You create everything that happens in your life...good and bad...all of it…your experiences, your relationships, your successes, and your failures. When you realize this, you can begin to re-establish how you think, what you believe, and how to acknowledge and deal with your feelings. From there, you can slowly develop from within and take more inspired action to build the life you really want to have.

How willing you are to take the steps necessary to actually do it is entirely up to you; however, if you are truly ready to commit, I can help. My coaching sessions offer you an opportunity to figure out how to look to yourself to find what you need and apply it in your life. I am here to support you, motivate you, and instill the self-awareness you must have to truly be all that you long to be. Keep in mind, I am not a therapist and I will not accept or validate justifications and excuses for your inability to change. No matter where you are, you DO have the power to transform yourself and your life!

**Please note: This service is for those that are serious and willing to be honest with themselves and accept the challenges that come with living life on their own terms. It is for those that are ready to step out of their comfort zones and focus their efforts on mastering the self to live with more purpose and fulfillment.


The Self Realization Foundation

Take Charge of Your Life...

      It all Starts with Yourself!

Giselle Buonomo

Self-Development Coach & Confidant

*Dedicated in Loving Memory to Annette M. Arena*

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